Wednesday, October 20, 2010

DVD selection, CD disc reading speed important?

After a series of price crisis, DVD drive the price finally dropped the price of most of the ideal bottom line, DVD has gradually become the preferred purchase. After all, at a lower cost in a freewheeling place (his home) to watch a high definition large for any person who is a temptation, a pleasure.

Now, people will not be for the application of DVD limited only play DVD discs, there is a large part of the application also reads the CD data disc. Because of the domestic economic situation, the configuration at the same time buy compatible CD-ROM drives and DVD-ROM is usually a "luxury" behavior. So, as to replace the CD-ROM drives DVD-ROM, in addition to playing DVD discs, the read data as an ordinary CD-ROM drive has become another important task. Therefore, people focus on the DVD performance should not only confined to the ability to read DVD, DVD read CD disc, game disc capacity CD should be used as an important assessment indicators.

Market, the same speed (16X) of DVD drives ability to read data CD, but not the same. DVD data disc CD-ROM read speed of the existence of large gaps. To occupy the mainstream market, 16X DVD drive, its ordinary CD-ROM CD-ROM maximum read speed from 40X to 48X range there, and now some brands such as BenQ, BenQ, 16X DVD CD-ROM CD-ROM drive of the maximum time take rate has even reached 50X.

At this point, some people can not help asking: upgrade from 40X to 50X, so a small speed difference, for the average consumer really make sense? I can assure you: there is, and this gap is very huge. Even if we just 16X DVD drive's maximum read speed of CD-ROM upgrade from 48X to 50X, the gap is enough to surprise you. Do not believe that we do a very simple arithmetic how? We assume a normal drive service life of 1,000 hours total, from 48X to upgrade to the 50X, a second theory, the drive can be read more than 300KB of data, more than a minute you can read 18000KB (300 脳 60) data equivalent to 17.6MB (18000 梅 1024) of data, one-hour drive can read 1056MB accumulated more data to the drive "honorably discharged" when more than 1056 脳 1000 = 1056000MB read the data, if each CD-ROM assuming a standard capacity of 650MB, as this District 2X speed increase, so that only drive in life, the more distributed a CD of about 1625 light and heat. Of course, this is an idealized figure, due to various reasons, to upgrade from 48X to 50X can not be theoretically 300KB / s performance increase, but for sure is that real life performance we have obtained the absolute In the idealized values of 50%, meaning that the drive in the "retired" when compared with the greatest 48X CD-ROM can be read at least nearly 800 more than normal data CD, such a large data for any consumer to that is a temptation. Thus we have to admit, DVD drive's maximum read speed of CD-ROM discs for DVD purchase is still very important.

The only regret is that it is able to support the largest CD-ROM read 50X CD-ROM 16X DVD drive is extremely rare. But there are exceptions, BenQ BenQ recently launched a model 1650S 16X DVD drive to have the greatest 50X CD-ROM CD-ROM read performance. In addition, it is worth mentioning also, BenQ 1650S also inherited the "crocodile family," the fine tradition: its overwhelming ability to read the disk, first-class product quality; with a second-generation "self-gear" technology, while maintaining strong operating performance also has good stability; with steel movement, super durable, even at high temperature and humidity of the harsh environment in normal operation may also be a long time; advanced dual-wavelength single data access technology shaved head, in reading different When the data disc can remove the cumbersome mechanical switch shaved head movements, not only significantly reduces the drive failure rate, it has raised the awareness DVD-ROM drive speed, DVD drive and therefore greatly extend the service life. 1650S can be considered a value of the all-powerful 16X DVD drive.

DVD-ROM CD-ROM be replaced with machines of choice will be a trend in the time of purchase DVD, to taking into account their ability to read CD disc, this is the case, with 16X DVD, but also have a super time disk, CD-ROM, why not?


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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Mr. Ma, please do not anger me

This time, I am really angry.

Special: I am not against Mr. Ma Huateng of personal attacks the sake of argument, to express some personal views.

Open the Legal Evening News last night, the front page screamed: "QQ related to" gambling "game Teng jumped back," my heart was surprised, Tencent how can it? A few days ago has just been denouncing the level of cumulative duration QQ online today, how it? I quickly turn to A10 version.

The following is part of the report:

Stud back again last week, was withdrawn early this year had been removed the QQ Games --- Stud "flush" back again. Some older gamers, this is the original Stud.

Stud, English name showhand, meaning the hands of all present. Each participant should strive to be first to play out the hands of the cards, win. It tests the player's card technology, luck, courage of your convictions.

Flush the games are played and the "fraud Golden Flower" is similar to the size by more than 5 cards, computing winning or losing. Players can be good or bad according to their licenses to press the "money" (the game currency). In the flush five levels of card rooms, in addition to practice level, the remaining four games are must have Tencent currency before they can enter. Different levels of card rooms, each game requires the pressure of the game disk how many coins are different. At the highest level of card rooms, single limit of 100,000 game currency, four, "Litigation in" two or three minutes to the end of one.

Even though the threshold is not low, the evening peak hours will encounter a number of players can not "into the room" situation. In the free practice room, it is full all day. Mainly of young players.

Gamers one day win 1,000 yuan

An old player told reporters that all the QQ game with "ring" (money) and are particularly welcome. But since the beginning of consolidation is now open only to retain the new flush it a "classic" game. Good players can win 5 million a day game coins, then better luck, winning 10 million a day (game currency) is no problem. 1000 Games present for every 1 yuan currency prices, one day there may be 1,000 yuan in revenue.

Tencent suspected of pumping into a 10%

Usually play QQ games, a Mr. Li told reporters, flush back the same day, he found himself in the game to win the "money" somehow less of a percent. This situation also encountered a lot of friends to play some players in the game that started Tencent "rake." However, Tencent has not been illustrated in the game.

Induced crime, lots of hidden dangers

Last night, friends of Mr. Ma's QQ number stolen, stolen money and the Q coin game. Less than 1 hour, the value of Ma in the hands of more than 500 yuan per game currency and dozens of Q-coins quickly evaporate.

Many young people use their network knowledge network theft. Q coins, game currency, Ourgame money is the object of their theft, and then sold to others through other means.

Game currency online discount "realizable"

Because no recovery Tencent Q coins on eBay and Taobao's found a large number of low-cost Q coins and currency in online selling game. Q has been specializing in a coin game coin business, told reporters, Tencent formal point of sale in a Q value of 1 yuan currency, a Q coins can also be converted into 100 million game currency. However, the Internet, its price is often less than the official price of 1 / 3. They will, through their own channels received from a large number of low-cost internal Tencent Q coins, and then layers increases, so that the virtual currency into real money.

... ...

Shocked! Anger!

Ministry of Public Security said that with the gambling nature of the Stud!

Experts say that online games gambling, and the traditional mahjong, play games and gambling have a different form, but in essence there is no difference between the activities are a kind of lucky shot.

To be honest, I have been users of QQ, QQ enjoy the fun brought to my network communication; I am also a loyal Tencent game players some laughter, fun and exciting I indulged in one. However, I suspected never to encroach on the game currency of the game. In my view, this and the street is no different slot machines, coin inwards to their own expectations as a percentage of gamblers bet 100 to win, win, take the game really replace currency RMB, It was not a disguised form of gambling. Is simply gambling, but is a form of another. What kind of gambling is not? ! Tencent official said, for users Tencent said, "drawn into" saying the game is to provide recreational facilities Tencent service fees charged, not the so-called "rake", the fees charged will be used in gaming platforms such as the maintenance of . I doubt this view. In reality there are lots of casino profits behavior, what is different?

The Internet is a trash can, anyone can look inside spit Koutan; The Internet is a good camouflage of a chameleon, and no one can be "no clear cut method that is free" to act as a color coating.

Tencent practice deeply hurt me. I have no longer anything to addiction wordy. When every time I stepped into the Internet cafe, watching a group of 16, seven children are frantically playing gambling coin game, but exciting to see them happy scream, see them win the game millions of dollars and cheered, I could not help but cry. Think back to when my age, in order to focus on the threshold of the battered high school, is cooing and distracting for the stomach. Mr. Ma Huateng no mistake, online games are not wrong, our kids are not wrong, the mistake in a terrible disguise induction. I can not keep up Ma conscious intelligence in this life, and use of human nature most likely vulnerable, the most easily seduce the desire to make money, when really matter to admire! When the infinite human desires, but the desire to be the correct induction of consumption induced by normal means, and our strong desire to, you know the problems, but is this so that everyone familiar with the desire for more and more people crimes, and deserted ... ...

Can not think of, and wish to speak.

Please cherish the children, please note that distinguish right from wrong.

Parents, parents who see good management and education of your child, do not let the desire to destroy them stupid.

Entrepreneurs a place in history, not by hook or by crook; a respected and admired entrepreneurs, by no means find ways to do anything.

Enough! Mr. Ma Huateng, if you can see, PLS: Stud (showhand) me! To all! (Paper / wood)

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