Thursday, July 15, 2010

"Mount & Blade" skill point changes

Many of my friends do not want to use the valuable points in the command, or captured by management, in fact, if modified, would not have to waste points here

We open the Mount & BladeModules
ative (or related mod) module.ini file, will see the following data

num_hints = 8

time_multiplier = 0.15

seeing_range = 10 that number to control your big map in the field of view, would have lost their jobs from this: Bao:

track_spotting_multiplier = 0.8 This is the control traces of a large map

blood_multiplier = 7.0 this is to control the amount of bleeding when close fight, the default 2.0, like the bloody friend's attention

skill_prisoner_management_bonus = 10 This is the captive management skills, the higher the points, the more prisoners can be brought

skill_leadership_bonus = 10 This is the commander in chief skill, the higher the number of troops could take more

base_companion_limit = 5

display_wp_firearms = 0

# Change this to 1 if you want to load

# Textures from Modules / / Textures /

scan_module_textures = 1

scan_module_sounds = 0


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