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Photoshop Swiss cheese food series

With economic development, the market's rich and more Western-style food in people's dinner table. Cheese, which a few years ago is still very strange for us, food, a considerable number of families now have bread and milk as an important source of nutrition. Cheese, has been translated into cheese, cheese is one of the West indispensable food. So far, the cheese produced all over the world over more than 2000 kinds of categories (very alarming figure! Listen, not help be a shock!). But if my city, but also sold by a dozen, to taste more delicious cheese, I am afraid to think of a solution. In a variety of cheese, the Swiss cheese, especially deep impression. This cheese has many holes, I believe many people think about cheese, you think of this as something like the lunar surface. Personally believe that it embodies the best cheese from the appearance of fine silky texture. Remember the movie "Die Hard" it? Bruce Willis gun down from the tall building on the intensive fire, the patrol fought like a hornet's nest, like the Pan Jingcha urgently shouted: "Someone shot my car into swiss cheese" (my car was labeled as Swiss cheese) that is such a thing.

Cheese is made with fresh goat milk or by adding rennet, made through fermentation. This time, we do not have any raw materials, between a moment, you can create a fragrant Swiss cheese. Needless to say, open your Photoshop, Come with me!

1. First, let us define cheese pattern. Create a new Photoshop document, 200 脳 200 pixels, white background. 1 new layer, set foreground color to yellow, RGB value were 251,242,183, with the foreground color fill layer 1.

Select the Ellipse Marquee Tool, select the Tools option will be added to the constituency Make way, the size of the canvas to select multiple different oval, deleted deselect. (Figure 01)

Figure 01

This map is to be defined as the pattern, so the edges can not be a blank. (Note: the blank here, refers not oval shape) to open the Filter> Other> displacement, the horizontal and vertical displacement, are set to 100 pixels, for the definition of a regional returning. This white oval (actually, transparent oval) on the random distribution of the edge of the canvas. (Figure 02)

Figure 02

Then add some oval, fill the gaps in the middle of the canvas remains removed deselected. (Figure 03)

Figure 03

Hide background, re-set the image size 100 脳 100 pixels, it is defined as the pattern, named as cheese, close the document. (Figure 04)

Figure 04

Design part is very critical step, you need to devote some thought, try doing it the natural number. Conditional, it is best to buy a real Swiss cheese, closely observe the distribution of stomata so. The definition of good design, we succeeded in half.

2. Next, we started making cheese. First, we come prepared to "material." A new document, background is white, size according to your needs. Select a relatively thick font, any color other than white, write the text. Here, I chose the font is Cartoon, size is 210 points. If your text is too small space, but also increase the number of properly. (Figure 05)

Figure 05

3. New layer, named cheese 1, included in the text layer of the opaque region in the channel, press Shift + Back space, bring up the dialog box filled with cheese, we have defined pattern fill constituency. Fill the option to keep the default. Deselect. The role of the text layer is completed, you can delete it. (Figure 06)

Figure 06

4. Copy cheese 1, the cheese 1 copy layer named top, temporarily hidden. Select cheese 1 layer again to open the Hue / Saturation dialog box, select the color mode, color set to bright orange, hue, saturation, lightness of the values were 43,100, -19. (Figure 07)

Figure 07


Continuous Copy cheese 1 level 4, respectively cheese 1 copy of a copy of ~ cheese 1 4 layer, showing top layer, let's start with these three-dimensional copy of the layer effect of making cheese.

5. Select cheese 1 copy of 4 layers, with the move tool to move the layer down 1 pixel, move right 2 pixels;

Select cheese 1 copy of the three layers, with the move tool, layers move down 3 pixels move right 3 pixels; open the Brightness / Contrast command, the brightness reduction -25;

Select cheese 1 copy 2 layer, the layer down and right will move 5 pixels each, to reduce the brightness -39;

Select cheese 1 copy of the layer, the layer down and right all mobile 7,6 pixels, will reduce the brightness of -59;

Final choice of cheese 1 level, this will move the layer down and right 9,8 each pixel, the brightness reduction -60. Thus, from shallow to deep, three-dimensional feeling came out. (Figure 08)

Figure 08

6. Hide the top layer and background layer, put together all the visible layers into cheese 1, the display background. Determine the current active layer is cheese 1, implementation of the Gaussian blur command to set the radius of 0.7 pixels, to eliminate the boundaries between distinct layers. Showing top layer, and now look, there did not feel fine cheese? (Figure 09)

Figure 09

Now we come to deal with a simple click of the side of the cheese. Still in the cheese 1, the loading area opaque channel, to add in the constituencies variegated, the number was 12%, Gaussian distribution, monochrome; then select the fuzzy> Motion Blur filter, angle of -43 degrees, a distance of 13 pixels. Slightly adjust the color, open the Hue / Saturation dialog box, the hue set to 3, saturation 25, lightness to -10, no coloring; continue to use Levels to adjust the input set 49,1.00,255 Levels. (Figure 10)

Figure 10

7. Is that the surface of the cheese is too stiff and lack the kind of creamy soft and smooth feel? Use layer styles can easily solve this problem. Double-layer, open the Styles panel, select the slope and relief, set within the ramp structure, method for the smooth depth of 50%, direction, the size of 0, softened 3 pixels, the shadow angle of 120 degrees, a height of 30 , high light and dark tone of most of the settings the same, only darkened the color set to RGB (97,69,9), 50% opacity. This effect will be much better. (Figure 11)

Figure 11

8. Finally, the top layer down to the merger, the projection of the cheese 1 layer styles: the opacity down to 65%, angle of 120 degrees, distance and size are 7 pixels, extended to 0%, the same quality. In this way, our beloved Swiss cheese is complete. (Figure 12)

Figure 12


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